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Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Find out here details about the Hosting Service Legal Agreement provided by POPCORN IT. Contact us now for complete server options details.

This document represents the SLA QUALITY AGREEMENT provided by POPCORN IT, through POPCORN IT (

Starting March 1, 2021, (POPCORN IT) guarantees a monthly 99.99% uptime for every provided hosting service. The Uptime is exclusively measured by POPCORN IT’s implemented monitoring systems, assured by Uptime Doctor. The SLA Quality Agreement (Service Level Agreement) applies to all POPCORN IT’s services.

If the shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server offered by POPCORN IT are affected by a downtime or maintenance work that has not been announced in advance (at least 1 hour in advance), we will offer the following non-functionality compensations:

• for a monthly non-functionality between 0 and 59 minutes (approximately 0.1% of the month) – no compensation will be offered
• for a monthly non-functionality over 59 minutes – for every 1 hour downtime POPCORN IT will offer a free service for 1 day (all contracted services will be extended 1 day)

In order to redeem the above listed compensations, the client must submit a request to POPCORN Customer Support Team within 14 days from the reported incident. The reported downtime must be confirmed by POPCORN IT’s technical team, before confirming the requested compensation.

The maximum limit for offered compensation is 1 month (30 days), which will be added free of charge to all services affected by downtime, if reported. Service availability (Uptime) is measured for one month and excludes the previously announced maintenance periods.

For VPS services or dedicated servers, the contracted service availability (Uptime) is measured by the Ping query of the server response and excludes the situation where the ICMP protocol is turned off in the firewall used by the client.

Non – functionality compensations are NOT provided if any error or malfunction of the service is caused or generated by:

• server or network hardware failures
• DNS problems or malfunctions registered for DNS servers that are not POPCORN IT
• malfunction of the services due to causes that are not under the control of POPCORN or that cannot be foreseen by
• interruption of telecommunications (caused by external factors), network attacks, network congestion or other damage, as well as accidental sectioning of at least one optical fiber
• natural disasters, earthquakes, wars
• unavailability or malfunction of a website, VPS server or dedicated server due to customer-related reasons (website errors, malware, viruses, other computer attacks on the client’s website or server) or the software used by it
• fire, viruses, hackers, malware attacks
• announced maintenance works
• improper functionality of an external software (free scripts, e-commerce software or payment processors)
• DDoS attacks, Flood, legal authorities actions.

POPCORN IT offers the above-mentioned compensations without taking the responsibility for any additional damage, loss of profit, as well as missing opportunities or any other losses suffered by the customer or other third parties implied directly or indirectly.

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